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The Port of Virginia is proudly recognized as CPPI’s top-performing port and is located in Site Selection’s 2022 Top State for Business Climate. The port exclusively owns and operates its terminals and the nation’s leading chassis pool. At The Port of Virginia, customers and partners experience the efficiency and service excellence only offered through the most modern and technologically advanced container terminal operations on the coast. Currently underway, the port’s $1.4 billion Gateway Investment Program is building even greater port efficiency through additional semi-automation, expansion, and industry-leading sustainability commitments.

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INFORM specializes in AI and optimization software to improve operational decision making. Based in Aachen, Germany, the company has been in the optimization business for 50 years and serves a wide span of logistics industries including ports, maritime, and intermodal terminals. With a broad range of standalone and add-on software modules, INFORM’s unique blend of algorithmic based software expertise, rich industry experience, and big world thinking delivers huge value for their customers. For over 25 years INFORM’s industry proven optimization algorithms have been delivering real world results at the world’s most complex ports and terminals improving everything from yard stacks, vehicle utilization, crane productivity, through to rail processes.


RBS specializes in the development of software applications for the Container Handling Industry and has many years of experience in software development. It has worked exclusively in the Container Handling Industry that is soon to approach three decades. During this time it has provided consulting services to the Shipping and Rail Container Handling Industry and developed highly specific state-of-the-art software for the Container Handling Industry. RBS has carried out the installation of ‘TOPS’ software in many Container Handling operations in Australia, Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, New Zealand, Panama, Romania, Taiwan, Togo, and Vietnam.

Lynxis was born to deliver exponential operational and financial improvements for customers in the landside supply chain. Their aim is to transform terminal operations from the ground up. They are an independent and financially-sound operating company following a ‘build & buy’ strategy to construct a platform of powerful innovations. The teams at Lynxis think like operators, but act like tech experts balancing their drive to do things differently.

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Kalmar is recognized as the global leader in sustainable cargo and material handling for ports, terminals, distribution centers, and heavy industry. The company boasts an extensive electric portfolio and a worldwide service network, which enables them to assist their customers in transitioning towards safer, more eco-efficient, and productive operations. Collaboratively, Kalmar and its customers work towards developing innovative solutions that have the potential to shape the future of the industry, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of their customers’ operations.

Rocsys is recognized as a frontrunner in the field of autonomous charging solutions for electric transportation. Employing a pioneering methodology that integrates soft robotics, AI-driven computer vision, and data-centric services, Rocsys is dedicated to delivering a dependable, smooth, productive, and economical charging encounter for both fleets and consumers. By actively participating in industry consortiums and establishing strategic alliances with multinational corporations and OEMs, Rocsys establishes itself as the benchmark for the forthcoming era of autonomous charging.

SSH Communications Security is a defensive cybersecurity company with the mission to secure critical data and communications between systems, automated applications, and people. Their products are developed to defend your business secrets and the access to them – now and in the future. 

The company started in 1995 when founder Tatu Ylönen developed the original SSH protocol; a revolutionary concept that had an immeasurable impact on the adoption of electronic transactions over the internet. SSH’s portfolio is focused on data protection, such as PrivX OT – a solution for Access Control between users or applications and industrial automation devices. 

TMEIC has a long, proud history in the crane industry, supplying equipment and systems throughout the world. Their control systems are designed to meet the most demanding applications and environmental conditions, including the latest in automation for both manned and unmanned operation to maximize crane productivity. At TMEIC, they drive industry. 


Based in the U.S. and Asia, Venti is a world leader in autonomous vehicle logistics systems, with particular experience operating in complex logistics environments. Venti’s autonomy solution has been demonstrated in large, complex port and intermodal environments with mixed traffic (i.e. no segregation between human-driven and autonomous vehicles). Venti’s proven value proposition of saving costs, increasing vehicle utilization, and improving safety is recognized by customers and driving growth. Launched in 2018 by a team with strong MIT roots, Venti has set itself apart in the autonomous logistics space by handing-over a fleet of fully driverless autonomous prime movers to a leading port operator for use in a production environment. Our customer operates this fleet self-sufficiently as part of their regular 24/7 terminal operations. Venti has offices in Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA), and Singapore – our Asian headquarters.

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An applied AI company pioneering Digital Transformation for the Maritime, Logistics, and Supply Chain industries. ATAI’s innovative business models are targeted toward optimizing productivity and identifying opportunities for sustainability and cost efficiency. ATAI streamlines existing processes with true problem-solving applied AI solutions end-to-end. Powered by AI algorithms, sensors (Camera, Location sensors, Wireless mesh networks (LoRa, 5G, etc.), Lidar and Radar), and other cutting-edge technologies, ATAI has addressed a multitude of operational challenges across different market sectors.

Camco Technologies is a pioneer and market leader in container terminal automation. The Camco Technologies image recognition and location tracking solutions register all moves during the container hand-over processes at the gate, in the yard, under cranes and during rail operations. The captured data allows optimization of the terminal processes, while the Camco software solutions empower the terminal reaching their digitalization objectives. Their solutions contribute significantly to efficient operations, customer satisfaction and profitability.

All hardware and software are being developed at their headquarters in Belgium. Camco Technologies solutions have been implemented in 250+ terminals across the globe. With a global network of subsidiaries and partnerships, their clients are always within reach.

Ericsson are a world leader in the rapidly changing environment of communications technology – by providing hardware, software, and services to enable the full value of connectivity. Founded in 1876, with the purpose to create connections that make the unimaginable possible, (from manufacturing some of the first telephones, to managing networks that process 40% of the world’s data), they have a long history of shaping how the world communicates.

DSP began as a visionary support system for Contship Line’s top management, focusing on decision-making, IT strategies, and innovation in 1986. They revolutionized the industry by developing a Shipping Information System that connected branch offices worldwide with the central office in Ipswich (UK) in real-time via a virtual private network—a ground-breaking innovation for its time. With over 40 years of experience, their dedicated team of over 40 professionals brings global expertise and a passion for innovation, you won’t be able to find it elsewhere’.

Kaleris is a leading provider of cloud-based supply chain execution and visibility technology solutions. Many of the world’s largest brands rely on Kaleris to provide mission-critical technology for yard management, transportation management, maintenance and repair operations, terminal operating systems, and ocean carrier and vessel solutions. By consolidating supply chain execution software assets across major nodes and modes, we address the dark spots and data gaps that cause friction and inefficiency in the global supply chain.


Moffatt & Nichol is a highly specialized maritime advisory, planning and engineering company. Moffatt & Nichol has defined the evolution of modern marine terminals, being the first to revolutionize port planning and design with a focus on efficient goods movement, containerization and automation. Today, they are committed to providing our port and terminal clients with innovative solutions to the complex challenges associated with achieving net zero. They have been at the forefront of this global imperative for decades, providing clients with strategies for achieving shoreside power, equipment electrification, eco-friendly terminal transport, regulatory emissions compliance and the transition from conventional to partial or fully automated systems.

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